Complete SBS Processing with MedWay

The MedWay solution to SBS processing includes both comprehensive software and proactive expertise in the field of school based Medicaid reimbursement.

These two components work together to maximize Medicaid reimbursement.

The MedWay Software

Software is only half of the total solution to SBS Processing, but it is a vital component to receiving maximum Medicaid reimbursement.

Our system includes Web-based software that your district staff can access to work faster and more effectively.  Software that gives you control of the Medicaid process and provides the tools and data that you need to make business decisions quickly and accurately.

The MedWay software provides Web-based online access of the Medicaid process, from data entry to file submissions, and facilitates direct uploads and downloads to the state, putting you in control and eliminating the “middle man”.


Unique Features of the MedWay Software

  • The MedWay software allows access to all active special education students, not just Medicaid eligible students, eliminating loss of revenue.  By allowing personnel access to all special education students during the evaluation process, districts are able to bill for additional covered services often missed using other methods.
  • With the MedWay software, it is recommended that eligibility files are run at least monthly.  This one-click process greatly increases Medicaid reimbursement.

Customized Customer Care

Kompas Care researched the methods currently used in school districts and developed a comprehensive plan to customize and implement a program that maximizes all areas of the Medicaid process for any school district.


  • On site, on going, personalized customer care. Kompas Care will provide proactive support that includes educating personnel on Medicaid processing, software training and hands on assistance with implementing daily activities.
  • The Kompas Care process will maximize Medicaid revenue. By allowing personnel access to student’s records during the evaluation process, districts can bill for additional dollars, which greatly increases reimbursement dollars.
  • 34 years of experience working with software development, school district administrative needs and School Based Medicaid services means you have experts on your team.
  • Kompas Care analyzes district’s current process and then will make recommendations to maximize revenue.


Additional Services

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