Kompas Care — Customer Care

On-site, ongoing, personalized customer care.  Kompas Care will provide proactive support that includes educating personnel on Medicaid processing, software training and hands on assistance with implementing daily activities.

  • Kompas Care will work with district personnel to educate them on changes to regulations with Medicaid, ensuring accurate data collection and compliance.
  • The Kompas Care approach develops a network of community outreach programs to ensure that your district’s personnel have the tools to assist all families in need of family services.
  • Kompas Care will streamline and simplify the MAC timestudy obligation, ensuring personnel compliance.
  • With Kompas Care software and services, the data is available for Cost Reporting, and you will have the personal assistance needed to ensure that you complete all relevant areas.
  • Ongoing customer support thru email, phone and personal contact to address software issues, new employee training, refresher training, technical assistance, etc.

Customer Care is more than addressing issues when they occur or keeping your district personnel abreast of the constantly changing environment of Medicaid.

Kompas Care–Customer Care targets all levels of a district organizational chart, the district level will see the benefits additional Medicaid Revenue will have on the budget, district administrators will be relieved of program compliance issues, school personnel will have greater job satisfaction with the additional help they receive and district families that need assistance will have more resources to help in times of need.


The Multi-Level Approach to Customer Service

Increase Revenue

Increase Personnel Satisfaction

Increase Community Awareness


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