The Existing Market

School districts face two obstacles in obtaining accurate reimbursement from Medicaid:  A lack of knowledge of the laws governing Medicaid reimbursement and a difficulty in developing an effective Medicaid reimbursement process.  The inability to effectively overcome these obstacles results in increased paperwork, decreased total revenue and personnel dissatisfaction.

Kompas Care addresses these issues as no other Medicaid process can, overcoming the obstacles with proprietary software in combination with experts in the school-based Medicaid processes.

The Service Company (a.k.a. “Just Hand in the Paperwork Company”)

Most existing School Based Services (SBS) companies require school districts to turn over their data to them for processing, thus distancing districts from the vital data they need for analyzing, auditing and reporting.  These companies generally do not take repsonsiblity for the accuracy of the data collected, yet districts do not have the tools they need to identify problems with the process. Often districts assume responsibility for accurate claiming falls to their Medicaid processing company, but ultimately the district is accountable. Many of these existing SBS companies rely on an outdated, manual billing process (paper files).

Many of these SBS companies do not encompass the entire Medicaid process.  At best, these companies focus on the reimbursement process.  They do not address monthly eligibility changes, as well as other services such as the MAC time study obligation and cost reporting.

The Software Company (a.k.a. “The You Can Do It All With This Program Company”)

The newest trend in SBS processing is the introduction of software that allows the school district to retain control of their data and pick up additional services missed in the “Service” type company.  The problem with this solution is obvious.  The best software program will not be effective without expert Medicaid processing knowledge, proper training and ongoing customer care.  Even school districts who have an onsite Medicaid expert do not necessarily have the resources to keep up with changing laws, master the software program and achieve their maximum reimbursement potential.

Kompas Care is ready to offer you a total solution to your Medicaid processing.