The Difference

Kompas Care products and services provide a unique approach to the Medicaid process.

SBS Processing with MedWay

Experience a unique system that includes both comprehensive software and proactive experts in the field of school based Medicaid reimbursement.

Dental Processing

More and more districts are offering dental services to their students. Find out how your school can bring dental care to all children.

Customer Care

Discover a different approach to customer support – customer care

Kompas Care is your total solution to school based Medicaid processing

Kompas Care goes beyond the traditional Medicaid service or software program.  We integrate a complete customer care plan with a solid Web-based Medicaid eligibility and billing process.

The Kompas Care Approach

Customer Care means going beyond the typical customer service approach.

Kompas Care starts with a complete review of your Medicaid processes.  We include all aspects of the School Based Services program, from staff pools to claims files.  The Kompas Care experts will suggest changes to your existing process to ensure your district maximizes reimbursement while strengthening your data retention.

Customer Care within your district includes building a relationship with staff to improve time management, job satisfaction and data control.  We will be your staff resource for education and assistance throughout the Medicaid process.

With Kompas Care you are teaming with experts who have the tools to analyze, manage and maximize your Medicaid eligibility and reimbursement process.